About Us
A note from the creators of this website

Angeline Lim
Being his student for the past 6 years in Losang Drapa Center Kuala Lumpur, learning Dharma become a priority  in my life and through it, I found peace and a sense of closure in my life.  Also, as I was to move to Australia early 2011, the thought of not being able to attend Geshela’s classes anymore, mortified me.
The divine Dharma teachings became my focal point, Though profound, it was made interesting by Geshela. I want to remember the beautiful LDC gompa with Geshela giving teachings, telling jokes, sharing his stories about his relationship with his Gurus and late master, his self-proclaimed broken English though we found it  perfect and endearing, the fellowship & camaraderie in the center, even  the huge standing fan in the gompa that looked like something out of Star Wars, I wanted it all to be remembered, experienced, pictured perfectly in my mind….. This inspired me to set up this website - to preserve the Dharma, to share with everyone this amazing journey and  have a taste of Geshela’s teachings, as I felt it  was too precious  to let it go by.

Richard Stankey
I had the opportunity to meet Geshela recently as he blessed the union of Angeline and myself. I found him a humble and kind man. So when Angeline asked me to help her to start a website of Geshela’s teachings, I said “Okay!”  without hesitation, as I love to fiddle with computers and the technicalities of it. However, unexpected hiccups occurred with the server and web name registration and after about 5 months of more fiddling, tweaking, dismantling the box and running out of excuses, with the final straw being my wife’s taunt, "I thought you said you are an expert”, the website was up.
Apart from knowing that Buddha and I  are both bald and have a ‘generous’ belly as depicted in some pictures, my knowledge of Buddhism is limited.  I am happy to have had a minor part in this wonderful website, as not only am I able to read up about Buddhism now, I am slightly braver now to say to my wife , "Didn’t your Guru teach you patience?".. at least till the server decides to crank up again..

May the divine teachings of the Buddha bring you love, peace and happiness as much as it has for us.

Dedication of merits created by this website to HH Dalai lama, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Lama Lhundrup Khenrinpoche, Dagri Rinpoche and the main source of  inspiration, Geshe Tenzin Zopa for his kindness, his guidance and untiring work  for the benefit of all sentient beings and a big thank you to all the wonderful people in  LDC that have contributed to this.

With prostrations to the Triple Gem.

If you like to drop us a note, please write to editor@tenzinzopa.com