Taitung Foundation

Guided LamRim Meditation

This Online Guided Lamrim Meditation Course is kindly organised by Taitung Foundation Inc. Our immeasurable thanks to Geshe la for his immense kindness to teach, guide and inspire us based on the main text "The Foundation of All Good Qualities" from Lamrim Chenmo text by Lama Tsongkhapa.

We thank Meida Cheng & Taitung Foundation Team for coordinating the course (as well as translating the teachings and eNotes to Mandarin Chinese) and thanks to Joanne Foo for preparing the eNotes (in English). The eNotes are brief summary of the teaching; she sincerely apologises for any errors, mistakes or omissions due to her own limitations. For detailed teaching, please refer to the Recordings of Geshe la’s teachings for the true and exact meaning.

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